Review of Mystic Pulses latest release

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Review of Mystic Pulse latest release

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Track 1 – Live Up

Starting things of at a leisurely reggae stroll. Keyboards lilt, vocals pop in, reggae noises reverb through the air, a gentle bass loops in as the lyric “big up, step up, live up, love up” loops over. But the bass squelches should have given it away. After a minute or so of harmonious reggae, here comes the noise….. the beats and jungle bassline kick in and it all goes off! Big track.

Track 2 – D&B Selecta

Krazy sounding track with an amazing tough ragga sounding female vocal. Again it’s a slow builder from its reggae roots through to some mad steppa beats that fly in after the first little vocal breakdown. Tough beats, tough vocals, pure ragga business. Really amazing vocals that will blow you away. Strong stuff!

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