Review of Rewind Culture’s Thrilla in the Jungle

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Review of Rewind Culture’s Thrilla in the Jungle

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Available on Juno and other sites from the 31st of August.

Check out Vini  Selecta’s soundcloud.


You wait for a Jungle album and then 3 come along at once. This time from DJAM from the Junglist Posse and Viniselecta, it’s pure quality from start to finish! Stone Love and Remember Dem are some truly next level stuff!

  1. One Way To The Sound ft. JMDee-Beat

A lilting (guest keys from JMDee-Beat) trippy little Dubwise jungle number, jazzy notes fly over rolling beats. The breakdown goes into a full on wind section and why not if you can get away with it. If Jungle got played live more, this would be something you’d find getting banged out in a smoke filled basement down a backstreet, Jazzy Bluesy and quality!

  1. Dub Bop Song

A more dancefloor based creature, strong breakbeats roll over a crazy bassline, some mad sounding doorsesque Hammond organ style keys take things in a different direction. Catchy little number!

  1. Stone Love ft. Fu Steps

Amazing vocals take this track into the stratosphere. These guys know how to add the right soundscape, it’s not just about the beats and the bass, the whole track harmonises with the vocals, lifting both up.

  1. Parklane Dance

Love it! The little harmony that loops over and gets inside your head sounds like a computer game from the 80’s that never existing, it will be the soundtrack to your dreams and you’ll never escape it.

  1. Remember Dem with Aries & The Ragga Twins

It’s hard to take the fantastic harmonies and live energy the Ragga twins give out on stage and put it on vinyl, but here it is! “remember when, we could have raved every night”. Some retrospective Jungle business for the older Junglists out there. If you don’t love the Ragga Twins, you probably secretly like Celine Dion and have the Titanic Soundtrack on your iplayer, well it takes all sorts, but this is for all the Junglists! Big Big Track!

  1. Strictly Weed

You can’t have a Jungle album without a weed based track. Or so it seems and nothing wrong with that. This track sounds like being stoned and listening to jungle with the odd panic attack bassline moment, trippy sound beds and warped voices, all you need is some rizla and cake, we’re going to need a lot of cake.

  1. Is This Sound?

I thought this was going to be a chilled little reggae Dubwise number until the bassline came in. The dancefloor destroyer of the album, the bassline is going to smash it’s way through your bassbins and do terrible things to you.

  1. Yes We’re Kid

Another heavy analogue sounding bassline. The reggae vibes give it the Jungle edge, one for the hard steppaz out there. Another smasher

  1. Remember Dem with Aries & The Ragga Twins (U.Stone Remix)

Sick remix. There are some crazy drums in here. Now I’m all confused, which one do I like the most!

  1. Dub Fi Dub

A slower paced number for the end, taking things in a bleepy breakbeat direction. A great end track to a quality album.

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