Review of Rubba Dub Plate on In Da Jungle Recordings

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If there is one thing that makes me drift off to carnival land it’s the sound of the bleeps rolling out from the soundsystems, the wheel ups and the inevitable crowds going wild and as you would imagine from a track titled ‘Rubba Dub Plate’ this is the journey Khemikal is taking us on here. Wasting little time the track’s short intro wheels up hard then demands you give it a dubplate before Khemikal rolls out the subbass, layering it up nicely with a large dose of the aforementioned carnival bleeps and just enough twisted bass on the breaks to give the track some snarl. This is one for the dancefloor and one for those people hanging from the lamp posts!

The flipside ‘Without You’ in contrast checks in with a more soulful vibe, wistful pads, horns and rolling amens frame the female vocal on this uplifting track. However it’s the serious soundsystem business of the title track that’s the one for the junglists here.. someone chuck me a rubicon.

Rubba Dub Plate/Without You is out now on In Da Jungle Recordings (IDJR27)

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Written by Marvin

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