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Sound The Alarm

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A taste of things to come. Navigator and Lion Dub have teamed up to create a new label “Liondub ODT Music” the first release in a campaign building up to a solo album from Navigator.

Exciting stuff. Production by Bassface Sascha and vocals from Skarra Mucci take this Jungle anthem into the stratosphere. This is a lesson in how to make Jungle. It doesn’t need to head down a jump up dnb route to have mad energy, just a solid breakbeat and bassline and lyrical flow.

Starting off with Sound the Alarm vocals and a reggae kick off, the vocals go deep and then it loops into a “sound the alarm” loop before ripping into Navi dancefloor mayhem. If you’re going to have reggae artists on your track. Make it original and keep it political. The vocals take the whole track to the next level, both from Navi and Skarra.

Infectious dancefloor ragga jungle in its pure form. A Bassline that will destroy you with fresh original lyrics and a message.

Jungle just stepped up, keep up the rest of you!

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