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Sound the Alarm Remixes – Liondub-ODT Muzik

After a very successful launch resulting in the original release of this burner reaching #1 on the Juno DnB & Jungle download chart, Liondub-ODT Muzik ready up again with a crocus bag of hardware remixes for the avid listener and discerning selectors globally

Bryan G – ‘Serum Remix been going down bigtime!’
DJ Vadim – ‘Wicked, gonna Smash It!’
Kenny Ken – ‘Good release’
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – ‘Big’
12th Planet – ‘Sick’
J Star – ‘In the Summer festival bag.’
Coldcut – ‘Solid tune, good for Glasto’

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Track One – Serum Remix

Serum kills it on the first remix. Building on the pace of original without overdoing it. Big enough basslines to do some damage but not overwhelming the track. Sounds fresh and is bound to be getting some serious airplay.

Track Two – Lost City Remix

This must be the reggae remix, you think foolishly as the intro builds up slowly. As the Sound the Alarm vocal loops in, you can feel something distinctly non reggae coming……… mayhem!! Syncopated beats, heavy kicks and scattered amen shots fire out.

Track Three – Brian Brainstorm remix

A big dancefloor track, some dnb heavy beats from Brian Brainstorm and a squelchy bass that wobbles it’s way through the track, it’s going to be playing at every dnb jump up rave for the next few months, so get to know and maybe don’t stand too near the speaker stack if you want any eardrums left. Madness

Track Four – Samy Nicks and Rekest Remix

A punch to the guts of a bassline. Hard hitting beats and Navigators vocal flow cause more dnb danger.

Track Five – Geek Tekneek Remix

This is an odd one, but I quite like it. Heavy beats replaced with soft electronic drum pads and high end frequency breakbeats from tiny electronic drummers. It’s got a kind of filtered trippy intro and the breakdown is madness, taking the vocals in a different direction. What genre is it? I’ve no idea, who cares, it’s not about that ever. Sick track.

Track Six – Sticky Joe Remix

And Relax…… After the all that madness, you need some dub and reggae in your life. Navi’s lyrics sound crazy over slower beats, the natural pace of them is really something. If you drop this at a UK reggae night the place will go crazy, but then I always suspected half them wanted to be at a Jungle rave anyway (who doesn’t). This has got to chart in the reggae world surely!!

Track Seven – VIP Remix

Old skool bassline heaven. VVVV IIIII PPPPP. It’s had a remix! Big.


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