Review of ‘Time for a change’ by Dope Ammo

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Dope Ammo and Resinate ‘Time for a Change’ Featuring Yemi Bolatiwa and Gigante MC

Out Late September

Jungle with a message, ‘Time for a Change’ is a storming Reggae Jungle masterclass. Jola Bolatiwa lyrics drop over some chunky beats to create a perfect example of how Jungle and Reggae work so beautifully together. Gigante MC’s ragga lyrics step up the energy. Dome Ammo knows how to give tracks dance floor energy, but this one stands out for not just it’s energy but it’s positivity and vibes. Social commentary isn’t the easiest thing to marry with high energy beats, but it’s done perfectly here.

Jungle music production is working so well with Reggae and Ragga vocals and artists that Reggae seems to sound empty without a rolling amen in the background.

Massive track by Dope Ammo and Resinate.

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