Review of Tired Fi Lick Weed in Ah Bush on Yardrock

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Tired Fi Lick Weed In Ah Bush – feat Nereous Joseph – Marvellous Cain & Dope Ammo

Yardrock business. Yardrock have a factory unit in Jamaica where their Junglebots build Dancefloor bangers. Well maybe not, but they might as well have. Marvellous Cain and Dope Ammo team up once again for some Ganja infused Ragga Madness. Synthetic basslines warp their way through the track while Nereous Joseph keeps the vocals moving, giving it that authentic Reggae Yardrock feel that everyone has come to love. The vocals float away in the breakdown with little splatters and bleeps building up until the synthetic bassline kicks things out of touch again. Big Big Tune but would you expect any less from the Yardrock family!

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