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Yardrock Presents – Leggo Mi Dub – Sound Man 2015

Out of Riq Yardrock Records on 24th Aug.

Another monster album. Nothing to do with Lego at all it turns out.

1, Hot Flame – Dj Dextrous & H Pee – Papa Gee Remix

Track one kicks things off with a little remix, some old school chords, a timestretch vocal and we’re out of the starters blocks. The vocals are bouncy and fresh sounding, bobbling along merrily over the breakbeat. Even some nice cow bells thrown in for good measure. Big track!

2, At Last – Marvellous Cain & Dope Ammo feat. Amiah & Gigante Mc

We’ve covered this before as a single. It’s amazing. Some straight up bluesy jazzy ragga madness “at last, jungle music has come back around”. One of our favourite Jungle tracks from Yardrock, Amiah vocals are outstanding and Gigantes vocals match them perfectly. If an alien landed in your backyard and asked for some new Jungle beats as they hadn’t been to earth since the nineties, give them this track and they’ll be happy for another 20 years.

3, Nice Tune – Dem2Ruff

Police Sirens, Bad Boy vocals. It’s all taken a turn for the dark side. If you’ve just completed a film about rioting and gang warfare and you’re looking for a track for the all-important scene, look no further. Dark and sinister “reworking”. Come again rudeboy……… and then suddenly halfway through it drops the vocal you’ve been waiting for “Can’t get you out of my head, and I can’t stop thinking about the way it used to be” and changes the whole vibe. Big stuff!

4, Marijuana – Marvellous Cain & Dope Ammo feat Lady Tasonia

Lady Tasonia vocals keep it green and the bassline is some pure analogue madness, Dope Ammo and Marvellous Cain know how to bring the pressure! Dancefloor mayhem.

5, Information Centre – Gappa G & Hyper Hyper – Soulculture Remix

Manning the information booth, it’s soulculture on remix duties, some instrumental Jungle business! I miss the vocals already, big track though.

6, If Ah Me Alone – Papa Gee

Some straight up Yardrock Jungle. Reggae vocals keep the pace while the Jungle soundbed floats along in perfect harmony. The breakdown is a slow filtered build up that will leave them twitching.

7, Liquidator – Tim Ryan

You know when you have an idea for a track for years and are just starting to think about doing something about it and then of course, someone else does it. But at least it’s been done well, big original track, big remix, but I wish they’d warped the main sample into a synthy bit of bass madness, that would have topped it off like a nice cherry.

8, My Girl – J Bostron feat. D Silver

A reggae Jungle bobbler, vocals and a simple beat. If it ain’t broke…..

9, Know How Fi Chat – Soulculture & Choppah

Back to the dancefloor. Soulculture and Choppah step things up, fast and furious ragga lyrics, big beats and a hook that sounds a lot like “weighing my brain, no cocaine, I’m a gonna, I’m a gonna go insane” or is that just me?

10, F**kUp Music – Jayline & Funky Flirt

Something a little darker. Amens and sound effects splatter in out of your consciousness, old school samples fire off and bleeps and samples fill the air. Tough beats, old school sounds. Big things!

11, Lovers – Soulculture

Some funky sounding Jungle. The vocal drops over some big basslines, strong emotional stuff!

12, Sound Bwoy Killer Remix – Bones feat. Bitty Mclean

After 40 seconds of vocal build up, it kicks off with some fresh sounding beats. The vocal is enormous though, you can’t fuck with it too much and it all sounds fresh and sunshiney throughout, one for the festys as the rain stops and the sun pokes its head out for 2 seconds.

13, Herbs Fi Bun – SoulCulture feat. Daddy Ring & Cocoa Tea

This one is a little different. Lyrics are amazing, it kicks off at a laid back pace before taking an odd turn and having a bassline seizure. One for the jump up crew, the bassline is madess!

15, Frenemy – Feat Bones – JBostron

Sometimes putting two words together isn’t a good think, but you’ve gotta to love “Frenemy”. Sums up a lot really! Big sounding track, the vocals are strong and the beats even stronger, working in perfect harmony. Yardrock Style!

16, Two Sounds – Jungle Citizenz

The Jungle citizens know what they are up to. Rough sounding ragga lyrics and rolling beats, samples float in and out, the vocals keep the pace up, this track’s going to do some damage to your local dancefloor!

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