Review of Welcome to the Jungle Vol 3

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Review of Welcome tot he Jungle Vol 3 (Jungle Cakes) by Walshy Selecta

Perfect Giddimani – Smoked a Spliff (J.Bostron remix)

Jamie Bostron delivers again with another high quality remix production, definitely one for the Ganja smoking Junglists out there, with the vocals of Perfect Giddimani we have crisp beats, and nice vibes this is Reggae Jungle at its finest with all the bits in the right place and a nice bubbling bassline I’m sure there is a space for this in a lot of DJ’s sets.

Deekline, Feyder and Steppa Style feat Spruddy One

Starts off with Steppa Style and Spruddy One setting the tone accompanied by a nice kick drum and snare combination with the reggae horns in action and a nice atmospheric synth loop/riser in the background, there is a lot going on here and it sounds very nice indeed.

As soon we hear ‘Yo tell them Spruddy!’ a big cymbol sounds with the nice rolling guitar bass and the Reggae vibes kick in with full effect and clarity. When the tune drops the electronic bass is a welcome addition to the vibes and energy of the build up.

I’m sure there will be many a highjack of this tune in the dance, plenty of goodvibes and nice big room bassline with plenty of atmospheric detail and quality vocals, this one is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


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