Review of Yuh No Badman by Stivs and Katch Pyro

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Stivs & Katch Pyro “Yuh No Badman” on Born on the road records

One year after their first release, Born on The Road records release this Amen Tear up of a Jungle track.

Track 1 “Yuh No Badman” starts things off with a Dubwize Ragga Jungle intro, before dropping things old skool style with some sample snippets and some Amen’s that will smash up the dancefloor, before the teeth rattling bass kicks in with some reggae tinted vocals. Then the breakdown bass kicks in and it’s a big one. Old Skool mayhem ensues, just when the dancefloor can take no more, it drops back into some reggae lilting dubwize stylings, but it’s soon dragged back kicking and screaming as the amens built into more dancefloor devastation.

Track 2 “Yuh No Badman” Fleck Remix, takes things down a slower breakbeat route with Ketamine wobbles and synthy bass seizures. A 9 in the morning track for the wobble massive!

Track 3 “Yuh No Badman” Gold Dubs remix, strips away the reggae and leaves a rolling old skool trippy sounding liquid Jungle track.

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