Uncle Dugs Top 5 Classic Jungle Tunes for Innovation in the Sun 2015

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Da Maytrix – Chill Out

This is a holy grail dubplate from 94, took me 20 years to get my hands on a copy,, loved it years ago, love it now

Nu yorican soul – black gold of the sun (4hero mix)

One of the most beautiful pieces of music ever made, was always a favorite but hearing it at cafe del mar in Ibiza as the sunset made a great tune even better

Omni trio – renegade snares (foul play VIP mix)

All the mixes of this tune are wicked,, it’s not often that a tune can be mixed so many times and stay great, the piano is up there with the best of all time, omni trio is a genius and the foul play guys were the same. Moving shadows finest

High contrast – if we ever

Much like omni trios renegade snares (which this tune was based on) if we ever has that anthem feel about it which will always stand the test of time, anytime that piano and vocal drop in a party the crowd will always react well to it.

Apollo Two – Atlantis (I Need You) (L.T.J. Bukem Remix)

I could have picked any of maybe 10 of bukems productions, music, horizons, bell tune etc but went for this one. Around this time ltj was on fire production wise,, he was years ahead of anyone else with a style of his own. Atlantis is one of them tunes that if you play it at the right point of the night it will be the tune that everyone goes home remembering.

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