Vote for the Top 10 Old Skool Jungle Tunes of all time.

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The Top 10 Old Skool Jungle tunes Ever – Voted for by you.

We wanted to make a Top 10 list of the biggest and baddest Jungle tunes known to man. But we need your help.

So this one is open to the public vote………

Just go to our Survey, enter the names of your Top 10 tracks and hit enter.

Have your say, if you don’t take part then don’t go complaining when you don’t like the results.

Everyone who votes will be entered into a prize dray for a FREE T-Shirt of their choice from our Jungle Shop as a thanks for voting.

Voting closes on the 31st of March. Winner will be notified by email and text.

We then will be adding up all the results and posting up them up for all to see.


The only rules are that every track is an Old Skool (pre 1999 lets say)  track of a Junglist nature.

Other than that it can be a list of Massive anthems that everyone knows, or an obscure list of B Sides that you Love. All that matters is that they are Jungle tracks that you Love and have brought you lots of happiness over the years.

You can pick any track you want, however obscure or how mainstream as long as it’s Jungle. It can be Ragga, Old School Classics or something with a cheeky Junglistic remix from a totally different genre. What ever your Jungle flavour, you can vote for it and who knows maybe there are thousands of people who think the same as you.  You don’t have to just go for the obvious choice, go all out and vote for something you thing people might not have voted, or cement the position of your favourite Junglistic banger.

vote now for your favourite Jungle track.

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