Review of Benny Page and Sweetie Irie – Should a Know

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Benny Page releases his first track on Yard International Records with the legendary vocalist Sweetie Irie.  As the track slowly builds up Sweetie Irie vocals kick in with a deep synth bass and soundscape lurking behind as the beat kicks in Sweetie Irie picks up the bass “They should a Know, my style a ninja” building up to fever pitch before the breakdown. The bass pulses through your brain as a catchy little lead takes as through to the second wave. Lyrics kick in and the bassline goes crazy, slowly the beats scarper their way to the build-up and it all kicks off. The production levels are off the scale, subtle builds, synth basslines that build and bounce and catchy little riffs that mixed together in that unique Benny Page are going to smash the dancefloor into pieces.

You can listen to the track on Soundcloud or Buy it online.


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