Review of Josephs Perception “Four Elements EP”

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Josephs Perception’s first release on Junglist Records with a tasty 4 part EP. A rolling summertime funky ray of liquidy Jungle sunshine with a big Ragga bang at the end.

Seduction. Listen on Sound cloud here.

Atmospheric Good Lookin esque perfectly formed Junglistic vibes. A gentle roller, for the mid afternoon sunshine festival moment. Vocals roll in, with a smokey jazzy feel to them. Subtle sunshine roller.

The Big Easy

Jimmy Hendrix plays funky guitar over some crisp jungle beats, this ones got more funk that James Browns hair piece. The bassline rolls along with the funk fused beats, this is no doubt some funky liquid Jungle.

Into your arms

This one has a kind of Way out West (90’s dance band not a dude in a cowboy hat) kind of vibe to it. The bassline gives it a warm atmospheric feeling as the crisp breakbeats roll out over trippy samples that float in and out. Slowly it builds, the bassline gets a little tougher, the beats harden up, vocals float in and the atmosphere keeps building. It’s a close your eyes and lose yourself on the dancefloor track and is the stand out track of the EP. Really nicely produced and sounds fresh and retrospective all at the same time.

Red Now

The familiar sound of lilting reggae keys build over some tough sounding breakbeats. This is some more straight up dancefloor ragga jungle. “lighter”, “Badman” vocal punctuate the air. The bassline wobbles itself onto the dancefloor as the reggae vocals take control of the pace. Big Track, bound to be the dancefloor smasher out of all 4. Once again, subtle layers of production and sounds, really elate this track to a standard above many. Great track, great vibes, great production.

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