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Chopstick Dubplate – Tonight EP

Tonight FT Mr. Willamz & Nanci Correia

The title track from the EP and what a start. Nanci’s vocals floating over Mr Williamz ragga stylings, pure Jungle pleasure. What else would you expect from the Chopstick crew. It’s a stinky green Jamaican infused herbal experience. The beats roll on and the bassline bounces along happily, sunshine drenched vibes and pure reggae ragga vocals, what more do you want in life? Pretty special track.

Heartbreak Lane Ft Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat voice rasps like a Ragga Machine Gun, firing out Ragga Poetry about life on the streets. A Darker track, less sunshine more Jamaican ghetto with dark alleys and tough beats. If you like it Tough and Raw then this is for you!

Phenomenon Ft Daddy Freddy

Ahhhhh Daddy Freddy, The (possibly not any more) World Record Holding Ragga phenomena, a personality so big it’s hard to fit him on a record. In he comes at full pelt, faster than the speed of Jungle, flying through the air like a Ragga Superhero. Daddy Freddy is here to rescue us! His voice takes over the track and creates its own pulsing rhythm, pure Ragga energy. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Turn on the Heat Ft Eccleton Jarrett

Feeling exhausted after the last two tracks, not to worry. Eccleton Jarrett brings the sunshine. A Jungle lullaby, rocking you gently in your hammock, his vocal lilt slows down the pace and turns on the heat.

Tonight Instrumental Track, it does what it says on the tin.

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