Review of ‘Explorers E.P’ – Good 2Bad and Hugly

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Junglist Explorers E.P by Good 2Bad and Hugly

Released on 19th September

You can buy it online at iTunesAmazon and Juno.

A 5 track E.P from 2 Bad Recordings.

Track 1 “I’m a Junglist” the vocal leaves you in no doubt “i’m a Junglist, this is how I live my life” before kicking into a amen roller with old school bleeps and noises and a bouncy jungle bassline. Original Junglist material, a great start to the E.P, big things coming from Good 2Bad and Hugly.

Track 2 “Ghetto Youth”, lyrics dropped by the fantastic Nuwabi, the intro sounds like the Orb doing a dub remix (in a very good way). Some familiar lyrics roll over amens and dark pads, taking you to the darkside. The drop out and original Nuwabi lyrics are massive, this is going to be getting dropped on Jungle dancefloors for the breakdown alone.

Track 3 “Feeling You”, funky sunshine drenched vocal and piano riff give this a totally different vibe. The beats filter their way into your brain and the resulting breakbeat gives the track a simple and effective energy. A Brazilian feeling banger with some old skool rave pianos that take you “way back” while still sounding fresh.

Track 4 “Lonely” drops things down to the 140 bpm pace. Dark ambient soundscapes are scattered by a crisp breakbeat and sub bass. A haunting breakbeat roller with vocals floating in and out and dark synths. Sounds like it should be the soundtrack to a film (any film publishing people out there?). A fantastic journey through the darker slower side of breakbeat. Sit back and take the ride.

Track 5 “Rock the Mic” starts things of as casually as a chill out track from Cafe Del Mar, vocals over a laid back beat with a sunshine feel to it. In comes the future jungle breakbeat, it doesn’t quite regain the original intro’s summer vibe but turns into a trippy future jungle roller. Quality stuff!

You need this in your life!

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