Review of ‘Fever’ by Jungle Alliance

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Brighton’s Jungle Alliance are Dialect and Kosine. This is their 5th release as Jungle Alliance. This time round it’s a re-working (with original vocal) of Fever by Congo Natty featuring Peter the Bouncer. Always hard to remix a classic!

The original mix drops the vocal over some haunting reggae soundscapes before dropping in a fresh sounding Jungle Amen breakbeat. Interesting new approach to the live Jungle scene, original material but still a remix of sorts. I guess it’s a Jungle cover!

Either way, the beats are sounding fresh and original vocals are the way to go!

There are remixes by Liondub, Hybrid, GoldDubs on the EP and loads more on the Jungle Alliance Soundcloud (a couple of massive ones by Marvellous Cain and Jungle Citizens

GoldDubs brings in the bassline pressure, dropping a twangy bassline over the vocals, giving it a new feel for the final remix of the EP.

Check out the Jungle Alliance Soundcloud for details of all releases.

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