Review of ‘Hyper Jungle’ by Lucky Dime

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Hyper Jungle by Lucky Dime

Out now on Switchblade Digital. Buy Hyper Jungle online.
This is the 7th release on Switchblade, a proper Amentastic journey through 90’s Jungle.

Mad little sample at the start  ‘I think Jungle is all about the youtts’ and then a few Amen breakbeats start building things up. After the bassline kicks in a little vocal drops (not sure where the sample is from or if it’s original) giving the whole track a totally different vibe, a funky Giles Paterson global vibe. Then we’re back into the Jungle with some heavy Amens, another few feet and we’re off down another global sounding Jungle vocal and then we’re grabbed by both feet and thrown into the depths of an old skool jungle rave, with synths Amen breaks and a big bassline.  Back again to a lighter vocal moment then back into Jungle mayhem. If your a Jungle DJ looking for fresh material, your going to love this track. It has about 5 tracks worth of content crammed into one. You’ll sound like your in the mix while you go for a beer (I think it’s called pulling a Guetta these days).

Cool track, what’s not to like. But could have maybe been broken down into 2 or even 3 tracks and continued some of the earlier elements through the tune, vocals come in for a minute, sound good and then vanish for ever. But fortunately they are replaced with another great hook and vocal each time, so it’s all good!

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