Review of Mr Nex unreleased files part 1 and 2

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DJ NEX – Unreleased Files part 1 and 2

DJ NEX aka Mark Archer, one half of the legendary Altern 8, has just dug some unreleased Jungle tracks out of his bunker. They are being released on Music Mondays!

Rolling amens bring us in gently, before taking a darker turn, trippy familiar Amazonian samples give the track an old skool tripping out in the corner vibe. I think we can safely call this one a darkside amen roller. It’s got the early Good Lookin sound to it and if you’re not dropping this at 6 in the morning in a dark basement full of headz, then you’re doing it wrong.

Something with a little more melody. Really reminding me of early Good Lookin again, before it went all Jazzy. Sounds like the keyboard is connected to a Rainforest sample bank (Real Jungle sounds). Chords and stabs build up to a tasty sounding old skool riff, amens roll in and out, the bassline beats like the pulse of the Jungle, big track!

You are in the Amazonian Rainforest and you’ve got a little lost. If only you hadn’t dropped all that acid. Oh well! Never Mind, best just roll with it and become one with the Jungle. Sounds float in and out of your consciousness, amens roll in and out, bleeps and bass lines fade into view “this is the threshold to your subconscious”. Big track again!

You think you’ve made it out of the Jungle, your trip is turning bad, suddenly you come into a clearing with a massive toad, he sits and looks at you and starts making weird toad bass noises. Tiny ants beat out a Jungle rhythm on tiny drums. You start to panic and run, the toad chases you and as you fight your way through the impenetrable jungle vines, you realise that’s it ok, you’re sat at home with your headphones on and you’ve just had a “Bad Experience”. Dark and Trippy!

Loving this one. Perfect Amens roll in and out, as the harmony builds and repeats. This will take you to a Happier Place! I hate to continue the Jungle analogy, but this one is the sunshine breaking through the trees while exotic sounding birds and fly across the sky. Another massive track.

Just in case you forgot what the trippy side of Jungle sounded like, thank God Mr Nex dug these out to remind us. There’s trippy gold in those hills!

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