Review of ‘Wagagaga, The Parabola EP’ by Jungle Syndicate

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wAgAgAgA – The Parabola Ep

You can buy all the Jungle Syndicate tunes on their website.

The Jungle syndicate have been pushing Jungle since 2008. With big events in London, Bristol and Manchester and regular releases. Dealing mostly with the Amen heavy side of Jungle, this tune won’t disappoint if that is your particular cup of Jungle tea.

A four track EP, The first up is Parabola a breakbeat driven, funky little number to start off, with a Middle Eastern sample creating the funk and the Amens keeping it rolling. The breakdown builds up layers of electronic amens and haunting synth soundscapes. After a quick Tetris style drop out it picks up the pace and takes you further into the layers of amen breaks. It drops out again into a reggae vocal and changes the vibe once again, with some sweet strings and reggae vocals over the layers of drums. At just under 10 minutes, it’s a journey of a tune!

Track 2 – Major Gin Juice is a lesson in old school Amen Breaks. A proper old skool sounding Amen lead jungle tune.

Track 3, Lenvis Cockpap is a bleepy roller, layers of drums, Das Boot radar blips and dark basslines give it an eery glitchy feel, after the breakdown it kicks in with some hard hitting drums and steps it up a gear, letting the bass line take the lead on this rolling piece of Jungle mayhem.

Track 4, Big Swing, pops of down a funkier route all together, a more relaxed breakbeat rolls over a jazz piano, giving it a Good Lookin vibe. The breakdown drops you into the middle of a late night vegas swing club, before a crisp breakbeat picks up the pace again. Just when you’re back in the swing of things (sorry) it drops out again and changes tempo to a jazz blues piano pace, kicking back in with a breakbeat. Not sure you’re going to here it dropped in the middle of a Jungle set, but it’s a creative Jungle take on the recent Electro Swing genre.

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