Free giveaway of Rocky and Everyday Junglist

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We are giving away Rocky and Everyday Junglist now online only.

Junglist Network and RIQ Yardrock Records have teamed up to giveaway two massive tracks.

Totally for Free.

To receive a copy of Rocky (Voltage VIP remix) and Everyday Junglist (Papa G Vip remix)

just drop us an email to with the subject “Rocky” and you will automatically get back a link to download the tracks.

Happy Jungle times!!

Check out the Yardrock soundcloud page for full details of all releases on the mighty Yardrock label. Pure Jungle vibes. What more could you ask for in your Jungle life, two massive jungle tracks with elements of Ragga and Drum and Bass totally for free, not a sausage, nothing, nada not one single bean.  Just email us in and they will be yours in no time to enjoy and keep forever like the monster tracks that they are. Long live Yardrock and Long Live Jungle

Everyday jungle has now been pressed on vinyl by Junglist Network and is flying out of our online store.

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