Jacky Murda

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Jacky Murda is a true international Junglist.  He was born in Hawaii, his dad was active in the military for 20 something years, so he moved around a lot..H moved to Montreal in 1994 and stayed there some years.  He started cutting dubplates and mastering vinyl in 1998 , on a lathe he rebuilt and customized over the years.  He moved the cutting studio to Brooklyn nyc in 2001…and in 2003 started touring a lot in Europe…in 2005 he moved over to Europe full time, and sold my nyc cutting room to my apprentice Tim Xavier.

For the past 4 years Barcelona Spain has been Jacky’s homebase, with my labels, Little Island and Chopstick Dubplate, headquartered in London in the UK. he spends a lot of UK time: in Brum collaborating with Aries, in London working with itchy robot, down in Brighton with Kion, and up in Bristol is where you can see him play inna “true Jacky Murda 90’s style”.He usually play out on the weekends around Europe, and when he’s in the spanish mountains he build tunes with max powa, the other half of his live electronic group jingbongting, and developis the constantly mutating JBT live show.

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