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Sub cultures often go hand in hand and Jungle Music and Skateboarding seems to be have such a relationship.  Although some other genres of music have a more obvious relationship with skating, Jungle is and has since back in the day been lurking in the background of skateparks all over the world. It might be the mix of reggae influences with the up beat tempo that makes it the perfect track to skate too, or it might be that there are common elements in both sub cultures, there is a lot of crossing over in the skaters vs junglists pie chart.

There are some well massive artists who love to skare, from the Drum and Bass and Jungle world, so join us as we get involved in the World of Skating Junglists. What could possibly go wrong?

We sponsor some skaters

We thought we’d have a go at sponsoring some skaters to help spread the word throughout the skate world, not the easiest task in the world, with millions being spent each year on advertising and sponsorship deals in Skating. Surely we had no hope. Thankfully our social media came to the rescue and quick question on facebook led to hundreds of messages and comments. It turns out a lot of our fans love to skateboard.

We tried out a few skaters and bmx riders including Sam Mason, trixter Denham Hill,  BMX extremist Sam CunninghamCharlie Gush and Danny Abel also joined us for some sponsored skating and Dan Collins brought his unique set of skills to the party. We continue to support them and skaters where ever possible and have been working on our next project with a few of them.

We are always on the look out for new talent and we will be sponsoring more artists as our skating collection grows. Skate Junglits, Junglists Who Skate, We love to watch people fly through the air to Jungle music, if that sounds like you thing, feel free to get in touch.

Our new Camo deck

We are very excited to announce that at part of our Winter 2018 range, we have some camo skate decks coming out. They are made of Maple and are amazing quality with our own Jnglst Camo and logo screen printed on them for a long lasting hard wearing finish.  They are being made in a range of sizes and will be out on sale towards the end of September. We’re excited about this one and hope we can start to cater for the Skating Junglist Massive a little more fully.

The Skate decks are being manufactured in the UK, we feel that it’s important to keep these things local and support local businesses and we are happy that this was a possibility, the quality of the decks is outstanding and we can’t wait to release them on the Junglist Massive very soon. They will be on sale exclusively in our online shop, with next day and Saturday as well world wide delivery options.

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